Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 hour gd test

The 3 hour gestational diabetes test today was horrible!!!!!! After 10pm last night I ate nothing. B was up from 2:30-5:30 being a monster. I was up with him, because his father was tired (that is a while 'nother post!). I was hungry at 2:30 already. Went to the lab at 8, got my first blood draw- sucked down the sugary drink- and went out to the waiting room to chill for 3 hours total. (every hour they were going to call me in to draw blood).

Just 10 minutes before my 1hr draw I started to feel funny and thought I was gonna puke. I knew I did not want to puke because I would have had to redo this whole thing again. So I got up and started making my way to the nurse in the lab, and she came running to me. Just then I started feeling faint and my legs gave out. We were just 5 feet from a bench so she helped me lay down. I dont think I completely passed out, just laid down in the nick of time! She said I was white and sweaty and she thought I was going down right then.

They drew my blood on time, and lined up an empty room for me in the obgyn dept. They wanted to haul me there right away, but I really didnt want to puke and redo this stupid test (even though I wanted to puke and feel better!!). So I laid in the lab for a bit more, then I was ready for them to wheel me to the room. In there I spent the next 2 hours focusing on not throwing up. I hardly moved because I thought I would lose it! Torture...... After my 2 hour draw I felt a smidge better and was able to take a little nap. then after my 3hr draw the nurse brought me crackers and said she had to make sure I felt fine before I could leave. So I munched on crackers and water for quite awhile- in no time I was feel better. :) She looked up my results while I was there, and I passed this GD screening.

The rest of the day was a waste. I felt weak and just icky. Anxious too for some reason. I was supposed to work the rest of the day, but couldnt. I napped a bit at home, and slowly ate food and drank water.

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