Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Einstein

Brayden is go-go-go, busy-busy-busy. non-stop all day long. Often we will have the tv on in the background but he never sits and looks at it for more then 30 seconds. sometimes a show on Noggin will slow him down.

We recently pulled out the Baby Einstein videos, and he sits still the entire video glued watching and interacting. It is nice to have that 30 minutes or so that he will stay sitting down and watching the DVD while I catch a shower or get something done.

I have heard lots of reports about no tv until the kid is at least 2. Parts of my agree with it, but it depends on the individual kid. Mine wont just sit and watch most things at all. So my opinion is that about 30 minutes a day of stillness cant be hurting him! He is a well rounded little man, he loves to read- that will keep him still for a little while, and he is a very active player.


Sarah R said...

Andrew is in love with his new Clifford video. I see nothing wrong with a little bit of t.v. time, especially when it's educational t.v.! We love PBS at our house. :)

The Mom of another very active toddler

Sarah said...

oh, we havent tried clifford yet! I will have to try that!

Anonymous said...

Avery loved the Baby Einstein. She still likes it when I put it in for Kenley. Maybe there is still hope for Kenley to sit still, she's not one for watching tv either.


Sarah said...

amanda, his favorite is the one from you guys! babies first moves, because he can interact with it. I can put that one on repeat and get closer to an hour of sitting still!

the mol said...

We're screwed if no TV before 2 is really the way to go because David watches a LOT of TV. We're working on it and he is very into books now, which is good. But then, TV is really low on his list of problems.