Saturday, March 27, 2010

nite nite!

Brady at nite: after the whole routine and crawls into bed.

Nite nite mom mom. nite nite daddy, nite nite parker, nite nite Oliver, nite nite RoRo, nite nite Cal, nite nite baby hudson, nite nite books, nite nite my room........ and last night he added nite nite french fries?!?!?!?! I almost LOL'ed!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

mommy's coffee!

So cute! last night a commercial came on for dunkin dounuts coffee (which btw, is FABULOUS coffee), catchy commercial too. Brady pointed a the tv and yelled- Mommy's coffee! lol.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new cousin for my boys!

The boy's Aunt RoRo, and formerly Uncle RoRo, now Uncle cal had thier baby boy monday! He is so cute. Our family is so happy for them! These two have had quite the journey to get here. (Ro is Chris's sister, they are our closest family and they are extremely close with our boys. Esp. Auntie RoRo and B.)

At just 2 years old, Brady got to help name the baby Hudson! They liked Hudson and Harper. Brady could clearly (and cutely) say Hudson, but Harper sounded like Parker. Pretty cool that he got to help in the the final decision, sort of shows just how much he means to them! When we met hudson, Brady knew his name immediately. First called him My Hudson (parker is "My pah kah", then RoRo's hudson. Very sweet!

Seeing her brought back memories of B being born. Hudson is a lot like him- frantic when it comes to the groceries! She is hanging in there trying to nurse. Hopefully things get better when her milk comes in. Oh, those days with Brayden were so hard! I am fortunate to have had a baby like Parker the second time around!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

working on sentances

We have been making it a point to encourage B's sentances. He is really improving! Yesterday I had the truck, and had to pick up the boys from daycare. Not normal. When B saw the truck, he said Daddy Truck. So I said, daddy is fixing mommys car, it is broken. B said back to me "daddy fix mom-mom car, mom-mom naughty" yeah it is choppy, but I understood what he was saying. I tried teaching him to say accident, and what that means. Accident is hard to say. In the end, Mommy was still naughty, and daddy fix car. As B and I say, we break it, daddy fixes it!

I am quite lucky that he can fix my car rather then taking it it.... well, he and a co-worker. Dont think it cost us anything. They fabricated a part. Something was missing (of course dad thinks I hit something) in the exhaust line.... ask Chris if you want details. He showed it to me.

Oh... speaking of cars and brady..... you know you are going too fast when you hear "WEEEE!" from the back seat. LOL. He is quite the kid!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New WI law!

New Wisconsin law protects breast-feeding mothers

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Jim Doyle has signed a law granting mothers in Wisconsin the right to breast-feed in public places.
Under the measure, anyone who interferes with a breast-feeding mother in any location she’s authorized to be would face up to $200 in fines. In those locations, no one can prevent a mother from breast-feeding or tell her to cover up her breast or move.
The bill is designed to protect women who breast-feed in malls, restaurants and other places from harassment.
More than 40 other states have passed similar laws as part of a push to make breast-feeding more socially acceptable. Health officials say breast-feeding improves the health of babies and mothers.
Doyle signed the law today.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

shared toast with jam

I made it to work today. The little boys made it to childcare. Dad is home sick. It was a hectic morning, first deciding that I was in fact ok enough to go to work. so far so good. then getting the troops out the door having nothing prepared the night before. I was just 40 minuites late.

I like to teach my sons the importance of sharing. Brady is good at reminding me to "share". The monster already had his breakfast. I put in the truck toast with strawberry jam for my breakfast. B saw it, and said "share". so I broke him off some and "shared". then he says his heartbreakingly cute "thank you mom-mom". and if I dont say your welcome, he says it for me.

Anywho. Dropped B in his room, then dropped Parker. They took Parker out of his car seat and asked if we had toast for breakfast. Naturally I look at my shirt expecting some stuck to me. The girls laughed and pulled some crust stuck to parkers butt. So very nice of his brother to "share" after he chewed off all the jam and left the crust- then chucked it into his brothers seat. LOL.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the flu

is making its way thru our house right now. Yesterday I went to work, and left about 15 minutes later. It came on fast, and it was intense for about 12 hours. Then your left feeling weak and drained. I am just starting to explore liquids. At noon daycare called because B was sick. Dad had to pick him up and bring him home to add to the fun. Parker is off today. Anytime he moves or grunts he poops. He is spitting up more then usual- but I wouldnt call it vomit yet. Daddy says his tummy is gurgling. I am sure he is next.

Laundry got sorted by the amount of "flu" it got on it. One shirt got tossed. Luv it.