Tuesday, March 16, 2010

working on sentances

We have been making it a point to encourage B's sentances. He is really improving! Yesterday I had the truck, and had to pick up the boys from daycare. Not normal. When B saw the truck, he said Daddy Truck. So I said, daddy is fixing mommys car, it is broken. B said back to me "daddy fix mom-mom car, mom-mom naughty" yeah it is choppy, but I understood what he was saying. I tried teaching him to say accident, and what that means. Accident is hard to say. In the end, Mommy was still naughty, and daddy fix car. As B and I say, we break it, daddy fixes it!

I am quite lucky that he can fix my car rather then taking it it.... well, he and a co-worker. Dont think it cost us anything. They fabricated a part. Something was missing (of course dad thinks I hit something) in the exhaust line.... ask Chris if you want details. He showed it to me.

Oh... speaking of cars and brady..... you know you are going too fast when you hear "WEEEE!" from the back seat. LOL. He is quite the kid!

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