Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new cousin for my boys!

The boy's Aunt RoRo, and formerly Uncle RoRo, now Uncle cal had thier baby boy monday! He is so cute. Our family is so happy for them! These two have had quite the journey to get here. (Ro is Chris's sister, they are our closest family and they are extremely close with our boys. Esp. Auntie RoRo and B.)

At just 2 years old, Brady got to help name the baby Hudson! They liked Hudson and Harper. Brady could clearly (and cutely) say Hudson, but Harper sounded like Parker. Pretty cool that he got to help in the the final decision, sort of shows just how much he means to them! When we met hudson, Brady knew his name immediately. First called him My Hudson (parker is "My pah kah", then RoRo's hudson. Very sweet!

Seeing her brought back memories of B being born. Hudson is a lot like him- frantic when it comes to the groceries! She is hanging in there trying to nurse. Hopefully things get better when her milk comes in. Oh, those days with Brayden were so hard! I am fortunate to have had a baby like Parker the second time around!

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