Saturday, August 30, 2008

getting back to normal

I think the teeth have broke thru, and we are all on the tail end of our colds. Brady is much more content in the last 24 hours. :-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The last 4 days have been hard! for Chris, myself and brayden. He is slowly cutting 2 teeth with a cold! I have a cold too! Chris says he is getting on too (must feel left out? LOL)

I think this teething has been the hardest stage yet. I have to ponder that a bit.... but it just might be.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I took the leap!

well, was forced to anyway. I have been working on cutting out my ~pump at work on my lunch~ session. Brady really only drinks about 8oz of milk while I am work- so once my freezer stash is gone, he will get formula. Today I had to cover work alone, so I could not take a private lunch. This day was going to happen within a week or so, but the decision was made for me today.

I do feel like I am missing that part of Brady at work, but then kind of happy to have mobility while I am on lunch.

Not sure when we will wean any further. With him still waking once a night or more (like lately while teething!) nursing is SO easy. And I love our special snuggle time when we sing lullibyes and relax at the end of the day. We are not ready to give those times up just yet.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the padded room

Chris has been having a good time joking with me about "the padded room". Late last week I had a few days where I was laughing at absolutly nothing and thought I might need a mental evaluation. So then he started up with locking me in a padded room. Nice husband!

Exciting news! My co-worker Jen had her baby this morning! A girl! 2 weeks early. Yay! I am so excited for her and cant wait to meet Erin! (Jen is a frequent blog reader of mine, she needs a blog too now!)

Monday, August 18, 2008


Finally there is a toother poking thru! He will be 8 months old in a couple days. Brady really isnt a baby in my mind anymore. He is a professional crawler, pulls to standing (and no longer falls down to sitting, it is controlled), he likes to eat by himself (unless he is starvin marvin), and now some teeth!

It melts daddy's heart when Brady uses his fingers to flap his lips when he makes noises- so hard to describ, but is is so cute! My little multi-tasker! Standing up with one hand, making a noise, and smacking his lips with his other hand. I think it is cute, but daddy thinks it's the best thing in the world. The thing that still gets me, is his beatiful sleeping face. Esp. when he makes sucking motions with his lips and nothing is in there.

Seriously, we have the most perfect little boy in the world. If he slept the night he would be 100% perfect. But I am content with this extremely happy, curious, and beautiful baby boy. Chris and I were chatting last night, wondering if other parents have this same thought? We cant even imagine that baby #2, or #3 could ever measure up to Brady. And do you have the room in your heart to love #2 or #3 like you do #1?

I am home sick today. I had a ruined weekend off because my mastitis is back. Thinking I never really got rid of it from just a couple weeks ago. Brady is at daycare so I can rest. Daddy is at work too, so I can rest! Daddy is the worst of the 2 of them. I can at least put brady in his jumper while I lay down.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

battle wounds

Brady got bit at daycare for the first time! By his friend Carter. I guess Brady took the toy he wanted. He has a bite shaped mark on his right arm. I am sure this wont be the last!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

hate it....

the first thing I hate is that I am working and Chris is shopping for a new washer and dryer....

the second thing I hate is the amt of $$$$ that we are going to end up spending to wash our clothes.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I have been so exhausted lately, that I took an HPT this morning. I am that sort of exhausted.

It was negative.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

sandbox fun!

Yesterday Brady got to play in the sand at the park! He liked feeling it in his hands, and that was about it.

Then last night Chris, Cal, Shel and I made freezer corn. I think the count is 58 quarts! We worked on it for about 6 hours. It was lots of work, but in the end it is worth it. Brady was an angel! He jumped in his jumper for the longest time! Finally he (and we) got dinner around 8pm- he wanted to feed him self! And he did. We have moved up to small cubes of cooked sweet potatoes. After his bath, the water was full of sand and sweet potatoes!

I am so tired today. It's one of those days that it seems the lack of continuous sleep is catching up to me! Between BS not wanting to go to bed some nights, and everything on my overflowing plate.... of'da. Seriously, I can hardly stay on my feet today!

Monday, August 4, 2008

many rambles

I just had 3 days off work, and my best time to blog is on my lunches, so I have so much to say!

What a great weekend! It was our 5yr anniversay saturday. We had a wonderful family day. Brady was an angel saturday. We went to Foxfire Botanical Garden, then to Wildwood Zoo for a picnic. See my other blog for more stuff about foxfire (hoping I have time to blog about it there!). Chris and I never give each other gifts for b-days or anniversary- but we did this time! I got him a new trek bike! he was so surprised. He got me a great book- Wildflowers of WI. (thanks Cheri for turning me on to it, sorry for wearing yours out!) He also gave me a certificate for 1.5 hour massage and a pedi. nice! On our way home we stopped at Cheri's (and her hubby dennis- I work with Cheri) too to see what they are up to and visit.

Brady's Dallas outfit
It's pictured below. We knew it shouldnt have entered out house! We did some laundry yesterday, and during the... ahem... dark blue load our washer started making horrid noises! Chris investigated it, I called Uncle Cal and Aunt Shel to inform them of the happenings. Sounds like we are getting a new wash machine. Thanks guys! That damn outfit! LOL. Come on guys, get knocked up so we can hand this Dallas gear down!

Crawling well!
Have I blogged yet that I have a crawler?!?! He is perfecting it now, but has been on the move for just over a week. Right about when he hit 7 months. He is pulling himself up to standing, which is scary stuff right now. We dropped down his crib mattress this weekend because I was loosing sleep that he would fall out, Chris did a fabulous job of covering the edges of the fireplace thingy.... our fireplace is raised, and BS kept going after the shiney fireplace and the edges are harsh. Fixed now! Great job daddy!

Bike Ride
Last night we went on a blike ride with Uncle Cal and Aunt Rochelle, then dinner at our house. Brady giggled, and showed off to his new audience his abilities- like eating cherios and moving and a groovin.

To sum it all up, I think all 3 of us had a great weekend. Wish I didnt work so many weekends so we could have more special days like saturday was (sunday was to, but Saturday was TOPS!). Cant wait to post picts.