Monday, August 4, 2008

many rambles

I just had 3 days off work, and my best time to blog is on my lunches, so I have so much to say!

What a great weekend! It was our 5yr anniversay saturday. We had a wonderful family day. Brady was an angel saturday. We went to Foxfire Botanical Garden, then to Wildwood Zoo for a picnic. See my other blog for more stuff about foxfire (hoping I have time to blog about it there!). Chris and I never give each other gifts for b-days or anniversary- but we did this time! I got him a new trek bike! he was so surprised. He got me a great book- Wildflowers of WI. (thanks Cheri for turning me on to it, sorry for wearing yours out!) He also gave me a certificate for 1.5 hour massage and a pedi. nice! On our way home we stopped at Cheri's (and her hubby dennis- I work with Cheri) too to see what they are up to and visit.

Brady's Dallas outfit
It's pictured below. We knew it shouldnt have entered out house! We did some laundry yesterday, and during the... ahem... dark blue load our washer started making horrid noises! Chris investigated it, I called Uncle Cal and Aunt Shel to inform them of the happenings. Sounds like we are getting a new wash machine. Thanks guys! That damn outfit! LOL. Come on guys, get knocked up so we can hand this Dallas gear down!

Crawling well!
Have I blogged yet that I have a crawler?!?! He is perfecting it now, but has been on the move for just over a week. Right about when he hit 7 months. He is pulling himself up to standing, which is scary stuff right now. We dropped down his crib mattress this weekend because I was loosing sleep that he would fall out, Chris did a fabulous job of covering the edges of the fireplace thingy.... our fireplace is raised, and BS kept going after the shiney fireplace and the edges are harsh. Fixed now! Great job daddy!

Bike Ride
Last night we went on a blike ride with Uncle Cal and Aunt Rochelle, then dinner at our house. Brady giggled, and showed off to his new audience his abilities- like eating cherios and moving and a groovin.

To sum it all up, I think all 3 of us had a great weekend. Wish I didnt work so many weekends so we could have more special days like saturday was (sunday was to, but Saturday was TOPS!). Cant wait to post picts.

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