Thursday, August 7, 2008

sandbox fun!

Yesterday Brady got to play in the sand at the park! He liked feeling it in his hands, and that was about it.

Then last night Chris, Cal, Shel and I made freezer corn. I think the count is 58 quarts! We worked on it for about 6 hours. It was lots of work, but in the end it is worth it. Brady was an angel! He jumped in his jumper for the longest time! Finally he (and we) got dinner around 8pm- he wanted to feed him self! And he did. We have moved up to small cubes of cooked sweet potatoes. After his bath, the water was full of sand and sweet potatoes!

I am so tired today. It's one of those days that it seems the lack of continuous sleep is catching up to me! Between BS not wanting to go to bed some nights, and everything on my overflowing plate.... of'da. Seriously, I can hardly stay on my feet today!

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