Saturday, February 28, 2009

I ~heart~ the flubug.

I am lying about that. The past few days havent been fun at all. I woke up Thursday not feeling well. Missed work. Then went to work friday, only to leave at about 1, and I was the worst yet last night. I totally blame it on dinner, a bite of chix nugget and a peice of peach. Ugh.

So here I am on a saturday trying to rest and rehydrate. I have a headache, but am sure it will go away with more water. Which I am scared to overdo more then sips at a time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 hours and a bloody nose nose

Brady has been a royal treat to get to sleep at night. Last week CIO (cry it out) worked for 2 nights beautifully (4 minutes of tears, then sleeping!). Then for the next 4 nights he was a beast!!!!!! CIO didnt work a single bit, it made him worse. He hates his crib it seems.

So I made a little bed on his floor last night. And laid down with him for 2 hours- it took 2 hours to get this monster to relax. He fidgets while falling asleep- I have tried everything, and he insists on it being human flesh. Usually my hands do the trick, but last night my hair got twirled and pulled, my ears tugged, my eyes poked, and my nose picked one good time- I got a bad nose bleed from him! The things I endure for sleep.

(my mom laughed at this story and said I was exactly like this as a child. great.)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our weekend in the UP of MI

Last weekend we roadtripped to the UP of Michigan to visit friends, Sarah and Alex. Sarah is my bosses daughter, and I had the difficult task of being her supervisor my first few years. Im kidding! Sarah was a breeze!

The weather was perfect for traveling, and Brady did fabulous with the 5 hour drive. We even took Oliver! The area has 16 waterfalls! We got to see a couple. Hopefully we can make the trip again in the summer when B is a bit older.

The ice formations were HUGE! we even walked behind them! very cool.
I got drunk 2 nights. Which is huge, because I really havent tied one on in about 2 years. LOL.

We can't keep up with him!

On tuesday's, the housecleaner comes thru and makes our house beautiful! (I always said, if I have to work FT with kids, I will pay someone to clean me house. I am incredible cheap and hate parting with my $$$$, but a house cleaner is more then worth it!). This photo was taken on wednesday morning.
We have been having problems getting B to get to bed at night. Tuesday night I was bound and determined to get this kid to relax and prepare to go to sleep. I wasnt leaving the room until that happened. So, I sat in the rocking chair (which is very uncomfortable, but anyway...) and read Breaking Dawn for almost 2 hours while this kid read books, emptied drawers, climbed on the ottoman, crawled off and on my lap a million times, and pounded his head on the floor a few times, then finally he gave the clue that he was tired and out he went.

This kid is so like me, it scares the crap out of me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Purchasing a Video Camera HELP!

Can you offer me any advice? please? We need to buy a video camera- and there is so much out there! Do you have something that you love? whatcha got? why do you love it? What tips do you have?

Here's how we will use it:
I forsee us being ppl that tape lots of random cute stuff. Not really taping hours straight of a hockey game or concert.... more so shorter bits of life.
Easily upload to blog will be a must.
Small little piece of equipment is desired.
Is it possible to have video and camera all in one?


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day.

I wont be a big sour puss, so HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

I just HAVE to give me 2cents about flowers on valentines day, strictly because of my Horticulture background.... think of it as a public service duty.... They are CRAP! The florist industry has to start harvesting flowers (roses in specific) months in advance and then holding them in order to meet the demand of Valentines Day. Chances are thier quality sucks and they will not open or perform to thier potential. So, save the $$$$$, and do flowers randomly at another time of the year. There. I feel better! ;-)

Chris gave me ~my sort of~ valentines gift last night. It was cheap and green. :-) Cheap- free, Green- re-used! hahhaa. Somehow he got his hands on this BIG card that Cal gave Rochelle- he used white out and signed it from him and B an gave it to me. It made me smile, becuase it was still thoughtful and coniving like my husband, but cheap and good for the enviroment too. (yes, he knows better then to give me flowers on valentines day!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Should I nurse forever or not? (TMI of course!)

Reasons to nurse forever:
1. So we quit nursing 2 weeks ago- and mastitis just showed it's ugly head! WTF? I hate mastitis (ok, who doesnt?). (on top of that, the leaking has started and they freaking hurt, I thought we weaned so slowly that I wouldnt even notice).

2. I havent see the likes of AF for 22 months. Which in turn saves money on girlie supplies, and saves my marriage because I am not moody every month.

3. My hubby likes my even massiver boobs.

4. The closeness I have with B.

5. The longer you nurse, the more you increase your odds of not getting breast cancer.

6. No bottles to wash.

Reasons to not nurse forever:
1. B would get a complex if I forced him to nurse as a 10 year old.

2. I would like to have more babies.

3. One would think the mastitis would not be an issue after the milk drys up?

4. I would like MY boobs back.

5. I dont like my massiver boobs. And I wont need to wear bras that are 38DDDDDDDDD.

6. B weaned naturally, perfectly, and without missing a beat. No stress was put on him at all.

7. Spotted Cow, Lienenkugels, Amaretto Sours, Bloody Mary's and so on............

Monday, February 2, 2009

We have Weaned!

I am so proud of B and I! We both did a fabulous job with the nursing thing, and we weaned as easily and perfectly as you can imagine. I dont think B has even noticed, and my bbs havent noticed either.

My boys left for the weekend to go to his parents so I could have scrapcamp. We havent nursed since thursday (and we had only been nursing 1 time a day for the last 2 months... if even taht somedays).