Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 hours and a bloody nose nose

Brady has been a royal treat to get to sleep at night. Last week CIO (cry it out) worked for 2 nights beautifully (4 minutes of tears, then sleeping!). Then for the next 4 nights he was a beast!!!!!! CIO didnt work a single bit, it made him worse. He hates his crib it seems.

So I made a little bed on his floor last night. And laid down with him for 2 hours- it took 2 hours to get this monster to relax. He fidgets while falling asleep- I have tried everything, and he insists on it being human flesh. Usually my hands do the trick, but last night my hair got twirled and pulled, my ears tugged, my eyes poked, and my nose picked one good time- I got a bad nose bleed from him! The things I endure for sleep.

(my mom laughed at this story and said I was exactly like this as a child. great.)


Sarah R said...

Oh, goodness--hugs to you. From what I've heard, once you get past this very difficult part and you get it to work, it is much easier. I hope it works for you! Andrew goes right down in his crib and to sleep most nights--like last night was a breeze. The only thing is he doesn't STAY asleep all night. I'm hoping once he's weaned that he will just keep on snoozing.

Anonymous said...

The good news is, is that he is just like you. I swear Avery is like my brother Cole. HOW DID I GET THE CHILD THAT WAS MEANT FOR MY BROTHER? (This sounds better than I got my brother's child! haha) Although she has a few of my mannerisms, she's a lot like my bro.