Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Purchasing a Video Camera HELP!

Can you offer me any advice? please? We need to buy a video camera- and there is so much out there! Do you have something that you love? whatcha got? why do you love it? What tips do you have?

Here's how we will use it:
I forsee us being ppl that tape lots of random cute stuff. Not really taping hours straight of a hockey game or concert.... more so shorter bits of life.
Easily upload to blog will be a must.
Small little piece of equipment is desired.
Is it possible to have video and camera all in one?



Anonymous said...

We have a Sony (don't have the model number with me). We do small bits of our kids. It uses DVD's and it has a place for a memory stick, although I have not taken pictures with it. Easy to use touch screen to play back, or finalize DVD to watch on regular DVD player. Could also use rewritable DVD's to save money but I haven't done that yet. Very small, like it alot. Have had it for 2 years, no problems with it.


Anonymous said...


I purchased a digital camera that also takes video. I have a video camera also that I never touch.

Anonymous said...

I would highly suggest a flip video camera. ( It's cheap (the one I have was $150)and works great for recording tidbits of life. It holds 60 min of video, so you don't want to buy it if you are going to be recording recitals or t-ball games or anything but it is perfect for capturing cute baby moments. It is small and super easy to upload. It has a USB plug built right in to the side of the device. I am very happy with mine, we got it a month after Hudson was born. I figured that someday when I want to tape longer things I will purchase a nice digial camera, but for now this is perfect.