Friday, February 20, 2009

Our weekend in the UP of MI

Last weekend we roadtripped to the UP of Michigan to visit friends, Sarah and Alex. Sarah is my bosses daughter, and I had the difficult task of being her supervisor my first few years. Im kidding! Sarah was a breeze!

The weather was perfect for traveling, and Brady did fabulous with the 5 hour drive. We even took Oliver! The area has 16 waterfalls! We got to see a couple. Hopefully we can make the trip again in the summer when B is a bit older.

The ice formations were HUGE! we even walked behind them! very cool.
I got drunk 2 nights. Which is huge, because I really havent tied one on in about 2 years. LOL.

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Sarah R said...

Fun! I am still trying to figure out why you traveled to someplace with MORE snow though. ;) Sounds beautiful there though.

Glad you were able to get a little rowdy! I need to do that soon.