Friday, February 20, 2009

We can't keep up with him!

On tuesday's, the housecleaner comes thru and makes our house beautiful! (I always said, if I have to work FT with kids, I will pay someone to clean me house. I am incredible cheap and hate parting with my $$$$, but a house cleaner is more then worth it!). This photo was taken on wednesday morning.
We have been having problems getting B to get to bed at night. Tuesday night I was bound and determined to get this kid to relax and prepare to go to sleep. I wasnt leaving the room until that happened. So, I sat in the rocking chair (which is very uncomfortable, but anyway...) and read Breaking Dawn for almost 2 hours while this kid read books, emptied drawers, climbed on the ottoman, crawled off and on my lap a million times, and pounded his head on the floor a few times, then finally he gave the clue that he was tired and out he went.

This kid is so like me, it scares the crap out of me.

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Sarah R said...

Oh no! Did Andrew teach Brady how to bang his head on the floor? Hope not!

I wish I had a housecleaner too. My hubby sucks at it, and I always feel so tired after work. I usually clean on Saturdays but probably not as good as a housecleaner would.