Monday, February 2, 2009

We have Weaned!

I am so proud of B and I! We both did a fabulous job with the nursing thing, and we weaned as easily and perfectly as you can imagine. I dont think B has even noticed, and my bbs havent noticed either.

My boys left for the weekend to go to his parents so I could have scrapcamp. We havent nursed since thursday (and we had only been nursing 1 time a day for the last 2 months... if even taht somedays).


Cate said...

Way to go B! And way to go Mama, making it a year is wonderful!

Caroline said...

I wish we could've made it through a year of BFing! Ariana was not having it though :( It's awesome to hear that the weaning has gone so well :)

Caroline said...

I just saw your comment on my Valentine's post... hubby got me flowers for our anniversary in August and that is pretty much the only time I'll let him.

I can't help that I am just NOT into Valentine's day! I think it's fun when your kids do valentine's things at school, but that's about as much as I'd want to have to do with it.

Glad to know it isn't just me!