Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day.

I wont be a big sour puss, so HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

I just HAVE to give me 2cents about flowers on valentines day, strictly because of my Horticulture background.... think of it as a public service duty.... They are CRAP! The florist industry has to start harvesting flowers (roses in specific) months in advance and then holding them in order to meet the demand of Valentines Day. Chances are thier quality sucks and they will not open or perform to thier potential. So, save the $$$$$, and do flowers randomly at another time of the year. There. I feel better! ;-)

Chris gave me ~my sort of~ valentines gift last night. It was cheap and green. :-) Cheap- free, Green- re-used! hahhaa. Somehow he got his hands on this BIG card that Cal gave Rochelle- he used white out and signed it from him and B an gave it to me. It made me smile, becuase it was still thoughtful and coniving like my husband, but cheap and good for the enviroment too. (yes, he knows better then to give me flowers on valentines day!)

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Sarah R said...

You will be happy to know that my husband has never once supported the floral industry! :)

He likes things that are living (OBVIOUSLY, judging by the jungle in our kitchen).