Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Should I nurse forever or not? (TMI of course!)

Reasons to nurse forever:
1. So we quit nursing 2 weeks ago- and mastitis just showed it's ugly head! WTF? I hate mastitis (ok, who doesnt?). (on top of that, the leaking has started and they freaking hurt, I thought we weaned so slowly that I wouldnt even notice).

2. I havent see the likes of AF for 22 months. Which in turn saves money on girlie supplies, and saves my marriage because I am not moody every month.

3. My hubby likes my even massiver boobs.

4. The closeness I have with B.

5. The longer you nurse, the more you increase your odds of not getting breast cancer.

6. No bottles to wash.

Reasons to not nurse forever:
1. B would get a complex if I forced him to nurse as a 10 year old.

2. I would like to have more babies.

3. One would think the mastitis would not be an issue after the milk drys up?

4. I would like MY boobs back.

5. I dont like my massiver boobs. And I wont need to wear bras that are 38DDDDDDDDD.

6. B weaned naturally, perfectly, and without missing a beat. No stress was put on him at all.

7. Spotted Cow, Lienenkugels, Amaretto Sours, Bloody Mary's and so on............

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Anonymous said...

I just had to comment on #4...sorry to break it to you but you won't get your's back. They'll be similiar...but a floppier version if you will. We weaned a month ago and I wish I could go back just for the cleavage!