Monday, August 18, 2008


Finally there is a toother poking thru! He will be 8 months old in a couple days. Brady really isnt a baby in my mind anymore. He is a professional crawler, pulls to standing (and no longer falls down to sitting, it is controlled), he likes to eat by himself (unless he is starvin marvin), and now some teeth!

It melts daddy's heart when Brady uses his fingers to flap his lips when he makes noises- so hard to describ, but is is so cute! My little multi-tasker! Standing up with one hand, making a noise, and smacking his lips with his other hand. I think it is cute, but daddy thinks it's the best thing in the world. The thing that still gets me, is his beatiful sleeping face. Esp. when he makes sucking motions with his lips and nothing is in there.

Seriously, we have the most perfect little boy in the world. If he slept the night he would be 100% perfect. But I am content with this extremely happy, curious, and beautiful baby boy. Chris and I were chatting last night, wondering if other parents have this same thought? We cant even imagine that baby #2, or #3 could ever measure up to Brady. And do you have the room in your heart to love #2 or #3 like you do #1?

I am home sick today. I had a ruined weekend off because my mastitis is back. Thinking I never really got rid of it from just a couple weeks ago. Brady is at daycare so I can rest. Daddy is at work too, so I can rest! Daddy is the worst of the 2 of them. I can at least put brady in his jumper while I lay down.

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