Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the flu

is making its way thru our house right now. Yesterday I went to work, and left about 15 minutes later. It came on fast, and it was intense for about 12 hours. Then your left feeling weak and drained. I am just starting to explore liquids. At noon daycare called because B was sick. Dad had to pick him up and bring him home to add to the fun. Parker is off today. Anytime he moves or grunts he poops. He is spitting up more then usual- but I wouldnt call it vomit yet. Daddy says his tummy is gurgling. I am sure he is next.

Laundry got sorted by the amount of "flu" it got on it. One shirt got tossed. Luv it.

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Jessica said...

ugh... hope you all get to feeling better soon.