Thursday, March 4, 2010

shared toast with jam

I made it to work today. The little boys made it to childcare. Dad is home sick. It was a hectic morning, first deciding that I was in fact ok enough to go to work. so far so good. then getting the troops out the door having nothing prepared the night before. I was just 40 minuites late.

I like to teach my sons the importance of sharing. Brady is good at reminding me to "share". The monster already had his breakfast. I put in the truck toast with strawberry jam for my breakfast. B saw it, and said "share". so I broke him off some and "shared". then he says his heartbreakingly cute "thank you mom-mom". and if I dont say your welcome, he says it for me.

Anywho. Dropped B in his room, then dropped Parker. They took Parker out of his car seat and asked if we had toast for breakfast. Naturally I look at my shirt expecting some stuck to me. The girls laughed and pulled some crust stuck to parkers butt. So very nice of his brother to "share" after he chewed off all the jam and left the crust- then chucked it into his brothers seat. LOL.

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