Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GOOD night!

Normally it is my job to get B to sleep. We rock and he drinks a bottle, then I carry him off to bed. He will not rock with his daddy if mom is in sight. Last night I went to bed early, and left daddy to put B to bed. Shortly I heard someone trying to get into my bedroom (we have those child proof door things on the door). Then I heard nothing, and nothing, and nothing. I listened for about 5 minutes worrying that daddy was neglecting him and brady was in the corner eating batteries, so I snuck out of the room and peaked into the living room. No brady, so I ask Chris were he was, he said he hadnt seen him in a long time. (very responcible daddy, huh?) I first check the bathroom, a favorite place to play! then the book shelf, and last B's bed. He put himself to bed!!!!! covered himself up and everything. No bottle! It was so sweet! Better yet, he slept till 6am!

I am thinking it helped that momma wasnt in sight, otherwise he would have asked to rock. I really hope this trend continues! This is huge, he is 19months and has never gone to bed on his own, without someone else, or a bottle, or a ride in the car.

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