Friday, August 5, 2011

I didnt drop off the face of the earth!

Life has drastically changed for the better! I have more time, but you wouldnt think so because I am not blogging like I would like to.

I am firmly planted in my new career. This is tremendously for the better for me and my family. The hours I work are 'normal' and I dont think I could ever go back to working weekends again! Granted I do miss chatting with people about plants, but talking to educators each day is awesome too. My new job suits me well, it is a great match for my personality.

It feels like I have become 'ME' again. :)

What is a post without something on the boys? B is 3.5 and has such a good personality. He is caring and concerned, and a sponge! We have enrolled him in 3K. P is 20 months. He was SO easy as a baby, and things have flipped. Time outs are abundant, and he is noisy! His vocabulary is expanding.

A couple weeks ago, B was crying because he thought Parker was calling him a baby. When we slowed down and listed, he is saying Brady! B just loved that!

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Sarah R said...

I miss you! Glad all is well in your world. :)