Thursday, May 24, 2012

here we go, #3!

This has changed!  Wow, just about need a tutorinantal since the last time I was here to get thru all the changes!  But, that is how I am with facebook these days too. 

My life has been interesting, and has routed in a different direction then I had intended.  I thought I was done with having kids at 2.  We took precautions, it is not 'user error'.  Around Christmas I noticed that I had been feel nauseated daily for more then a few days in a row.  Finally on Dec. 31 the thought occured to me that I felt pregnant.  The next day I got the nerve to go buy a test, and sure enough it was +. 

I was using Implanon, supposedly more effect then the pill, about the same as IUD, and the next best thing to sterilization. 

This thru me for a curve.  I am not going to sugar coat it, I was not happy.  When I let myself actually go thru the feelings I was supressing - the best way to sum it up, was that my identity was gone.  It took time, but I am confident now that I am happy about this and finally bonding with the baby. 

So- the shortened version of the last 6 months:  20 weeks of nausea.  Thank goodness for Zofran!  Parker tells people when they cough "mommy, cough, potty", most people dont get it.  We found out that it is BOY number 3!  The top name is Spider Man, selected by Brayden.  I will be having c-section #3, the first 2 were not planning.  This one I have no choice.  Due date is 8-27, but looking at 8-20 for delivery. 

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