Saturday, April 11, 2009

Got my CHAIR!

I just went out and bought it! So not cheap me! :-0 Its a lazy boy glider recliner. Smaller then your typical recliner. More like the size of a rocking chair, but the foot rest tucks in. (no worries, I will get pictures!) for now it is in the living room, and I have spent under 30 minutes. Chris has spent hours in it, and I heard him snoring in it last night! I kicked him out!

Those of you that have been to our house..... our green couch in the basement- have you sat in the middle seat? the one that is a single recliner? It is broken down and you feel the bars across your ass. Chris pretty much lived in that thing pre-me. I will not let MY ROCKING CHAIR turn into that!

I might have to move it......

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