Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dont have a good feeling-

Im not worked up and scared and nervous- but I dont have a good feeling about this pregnancy. I feel absolutely normal. I've been tired at the end of each day- but I also do physical work at my job. I was sick by this time already with my last pg, and I feel just fine. I cant help it, I dont have a good feeling about this, I dont think this little bean is sticking. (dont get me wrong, I am hopeful and want this baby to stick!!!!)

It probably doesnt help at all that in the last year or 2 I have been surrounded by so much loss during pregnancy.


Sarah R said...

Oh hun--I am sure everything is just fine in there. When I was pregnant with Andrew, the morning sickness didn't start until 6 weeks, and I never even threw up. It was just a little bit of lack of appetite in the evenings.

Every pregnany is different and things could be complete different this time than they were with Brady.

Lots of hugs and positive thoughts your way! When is your first appointment?

Cate said...

Try not to worry and keep positive. Like Sarah said each pregnancy is different. With my loss I was sick as a dog right from the bat and with Lex I was too so you never know.

Sarah said...

thanks gals. my first appt. is 5/4, so another month to go. Because we arent sure on dating there is already an u/s planned.

nancy said...

I know having losses just makes the ability to think positively so much harder - but just wanted to chime in that I have had 3 babies and each pregnancy was totally different. From full on sick to NOTHING at all. So lack of symptoms doesn't mean bad things. Hang in there. ~hugs~