Saturday, March 28, 2009

an ER visit

Yeah, we jumped the gun on going to the ER- but we get really freaked out about high fevers! Late yesterday, B had a 101.5ish fever- and he was clingy. that was ab0ut it. From my previous posts, you may remember that we are on 2nd treatment for sinus infection too. So we were just baffled by his fever. Motrin helped bring it down. He went to bed ok, and at 1am he woke up HOT. He was 103.9- then he started vomiting (on daddy). We gave him motrin, but that wasnt really staying in his system- so about an hour later his fever was still 103.9 so off to the ER we went.

They gave him for meds, and his fever went down. His ears were clear, his throat looked good, and his boogies were clear and watery. His tummy felt fine and he giggled while the doctor poked and prodded it. By the time we left he was dancing!!!

The nurse (who was probably late 50's) made us feel really bad for bringing him in. The dr. who has 3 kids and 1 is Brady's age was totally understanding why we were there. The nurse blamed the fever on teething. Maybe she knows more then me.... but 103.9 and teething? maybe 99.9 and teething....... I digress. (the place was empty, the nurses were all sitting around, I dont feel bad!)

Home we went, where Brady was so clingy to me. He wanted me to walk around with him, everytime I stopped or tried sittig down with him he cried and cried. After about an hour I was able to sit with him and he fell asleep on me. Today he is still clingy, but better. We are keeping him medicated.


Cate said...

The nurse is nuts. Lex was teething when I was working for a pedi and she said teething shouldn't break 100 unless the baby is really sick too. ER nurses aren't always the most compassionate people...

Anonymous said...

My favorite is when a male doctor comments on a pregnancy and makes you feel bad. Like he has ever been pregnant.