Friday, July 31, 2009

to nap on my lunch break, or to blog?

BLOG! I have tomorrow off, I can hopefully nap tomorrow. This week has been crazy. Brady has an ear infection, and there has been lots and lots of vomiting. At this age, he doesnt know why he is feeling icky and comes running to me or his dad to hold him, then... yak.... ALWAYS on one of us. When you have a little sickie, you just cant say "eww, I have puke in my hair, get away from me, I need to shower". It is more like, wash it off best you can and spray somethng good smelling and ignore it.

Early in the week was really rough, Chris wasnt very helpful and very cranky about the situation (brady being sick). The last 2 nights have been wonderful considering we are working as a TEAM and discussing who is sleeping when and staying up with B when. Hope we can keep this team thing up for baby #2! (oh, its our 6th anniversary on sunday!)


Sarah R said...

Sorry to hear Brady is still sick! That sucks. And it is true that it's easier when they're older. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary yesterday. Was thinking of you but wasn't near a computer.