Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brayden's 2 month checkup

Brayden weighs 13lbs 1 oz. and is 22.5" long. 75th percentile for weight and 55th for length. He is doing great the dr says! I had a whole list of questions. First about his spitting up. Dr. L is not concerned because of his great growth and that he doesnt have discomfort when spitting up. He siad 40% babies spit up often and it will peak at 4 months because they are becoming more active. I asked him about water to mix with his formula (see post below)- he agreed, no nursery water. All city water is ok, no testing is needed. And well water should be tested, which we did, and that test said it was safe. So we will just use our well water when we want to supliment a bottle.

Brayden has taken a great turn in regards to eating and sleeping habits! Dont know if it is because of the work we have done, or just a coincidence- but we will take it! He feeds every 2-4 hours during the day. At night he goes to bed easier, and sleeps 5-7 hours the first stretch, then up to eat; and back to sleep for 2-4 hours and up for the day. Mommy has been much happier! He has done this the last 5 nights in a row.

We had a trial day at daycare yesterday while I went to work. The day went well! Dad woke up earlier then his usual 10 minutes before walking out door to help us. I dropped Brayden off, and got to work on time! I felt good about the day at daycare. Dad picked him up and took care of him nicely in the evening- even started dinner. Then we both worked together again to get dishes done and house tidied. Even had some time to chill and watch TV.


Anonymous said...

Oooh my nephew is growing nicely! Way to go Mom and Dad!

How nice that Chris is so helpful. After 12 yrs, 3 children, and many more events I won't mention I finally must have looked like death this past weekend b/c for the first time I got dinner in bed! Of course it was just chicken soup and crackers and some 7up but hey, can't complain except that it's taken this long to happen. K and the kids have been doing all the cleaning and he's actually done all the cooking and grocery shopping the last 4 days or so! Think I'll get sick more often! Just kidding!!

Glad daycare went well. I have said this before and will say it again -- I have come to terms that I am a better mom to my kids by NOT staying home with them and working outside of the home! It's nothing to feel bad about and as long as your happy and he's happy with where he is and who is caring for him then there should be not problems!

Your such a great MOM!!!

HappyPrego said...

He looks like he is doing well and very happy. I like to read your progress with the feedings and sleep. Even that seems to be working out fine for you too. Easier for me to say from this many miles away, but you know what I mean. : )
I wish I could type more, but carpel tunnel is severe right now. I keep up with your blog though. I love the updates!