Friday, September 26, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Sarah: Joy! I loved Sarah's random facts... now you get to hear 7 of mine.

1. I am a picker. If I have a pimple, I must pick it. A scab, gotta pick it. Anything that really shouldnt be there... I gotta pick it. I HAVE to pick it. Just HAVE to. OH! chris has this crater on the side of his face.... about once a month I get to pick it! LOL, it causes me so much happiness to empty that crater next to his ear. LOL. (anyone think I am whacked?)

2. I confuse the words filthy, and filty. I don't know if I am filthy or filty. which on is it again?

3. My dreams are so vivid I confuse them with real life. Some days I end up quite confused.

4. I am obsessed with the amount of sleep that I get or dont get these days. when you are lacking it on a nightly basis, it can become an obsession. Seriously, you can pay me with sleep.... if that was possible.

5. I absolutley hate to clean my car. Yeah, I love a clean car- but that is so rare. I hate vacumming it, wiping things down. Just hate it. Lots of plants get hauled in that car, so it is full of dirt and leaves! I also eat breakfast (and sometimes lunch or dinner) in there too.... I throw out the trash, but the crumbs stay with me.

6. Who's dat? What dat? How dat? I say dat way too much! I think I sound like a redneck.

7. I occassionally google "when to be hospitalized for mental disorder", just to ensure myself that it isnt needed quite yet.

I am tagging: (I am lacking friends)
Emily: (do you even blog anymore?)

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