Wednesday, September 24, 2008

to be a mom of a sick kid

is sort of powerful. The sick kid wants Mom and no one else will do.

The good points:
  • I got to take a nice nap (because I could not put someone down!)
  • I got to watch a movie, Fool Gold (because I could not put someone down!)
  • I got the bills paid
  • We cuddled most of the day

The bad points:
  • Wow, my arms are tired from holding a 22 pound chunk all day.
  • I got no sleep last night.
  • I realize once again what it was like with a needy newborn attached to the breast.
  • This is taking forever to type, why do the keys have to click?
  • I had to miss work and I am so far behind. (daddy just doesnt suffice when Brady is sick, he wants his mommy!)
  • It's hard for me to hang out in my house doing absolutely nothing (make something, clean something).

BTW, Baby B has a double ear infection and a high fever. Nothing else really.... no cold...

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