Tuesday, November 10, 2009

38 weeks today

Over the weekend my mom, and neice Taylor came to visit/help out. My sister and other neice were supposed to come too- but neice Breanna had a fever. We had a nice weekend and restocked the cupboards! that was the big thing.

We also browsed for a coming home outfit. I was thinking of picking up a pink NB outfit, and also taking one of brady's NB outfits too. Somehow a neutral one got held up- and B got all exctied because it had a "duck duck" on it! And he held it saying Baby. So cute. Sure it wasnt pink- but we just had to get it as the coming home outfit. Considering B wont be able to come to the hospital this "duck duck" outfit will be perfect for B to meet the baby in.

I am not nervous or anxious about the birth of the baby. Very hopeful for a v-bac, quite determined really. And I like to say my due date is between today and the next 28 days (42wks). Makes me think I can hang in there for the long haul. So far there is no reason why I cant, blood pressure is still good. :) I am in a much better place mentally right now then I was when I was pregnant with B. Makes me happy I decided to continue treatment for depression and anxiety thru the pregnancy, I was a basketcase last time!

I am nervous about having a new baby. I really didnt like the baby thing last night. Wondering if I will be able to handle all the stresses that come with a new baby. It was so unbearably hard when B was born. The whole next year was the worst year of my life because of my mental state. Hopefully I wont have a repeat of that, I dont think I can bear it again.

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Sarah R said...

Hugs to you! I am glad you are getting help now so that you can hopefully be better prepared this time. I am sure I will start to get nervous as the big day approaches.