Friday, November 13, 2009

Chris came home for 2 nights, monday and tuesday- he finished the crib and moved it in the house! Pictures to be posted soon, I promise! It is beautiful! Then went away again hunting wednesday afternoon.

During the evening I started noticing cramping and major pressure that would last for a minute or so and would come in go. When I was relaxing w/ B I paid more attention to them because they were stronger- no clock- but I counted 4 of them and 45 minutes had elapsed. Now I noticed that they hurt. So, I started timing them, not really knowing what I was doing at this point- but they were 10-12 minutes apart. So I called Chris and put him "on call". But he drove the normal 1.25 hr trip in an hour. So this was about 10pm. The pain kepts getting more intense thru the night, and when I did time them they were 8 minutes apart. Then somewhere around 2 or 3am- they stopped being consistant and became very random. And thru the day thursday they were random. Still painful, but very random.

I had a scheduled 38 wk OB appt at 3:30. Went in, he checking things out, I am dilated 0. Seriously?!?!?! All those hours of pain, and 0?????????? I couldnt believe it. And my BP is creeping up. I have started to swell a bit in the last week too. So, they are collecting a urine sample every week.

So, since then, still random contractions- lots of pressure and cramping. Extremely uncomfortable to say the least. Even still a bit exhausted from all the contractions/pain and excitement. Chris keeps asking my thoughts on going hunting, and I say "I dont know". At what point do I call him? this can go on for days, even weeks. We'll check the weather, and decide what he can do today and come up w/ a plan to help me out. Being that it is the weekend it will be easier to ask people for help. I am not officially on maternity leave from work- obvisouly didnt work yesterday- feel I need to rest today rather then going in exhausted.

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Sarah R said...

Well, I guess the only thing to remember is it will be SOON. :) It sounds like your body is definitely gearing up, and I wouldn't give that baby one morek week in there before he/she is out!