Wednesday, November 18, 2009

39 week appt update

Late yesterday I saw Dr. W. Of course hoping for something, some sort of progress. Nope, still sealed up tight and high. Ugh. My BP was down just a little bit from last week too. No protien or sugar in my urine either. So that is all good. (TMI alert! I was way hopeful because the previous night I had bloody show and lost a ton of mucus, somthing has to be happening, right?)

I am measuring 41cms, so we scheduled an u/s to see how big the baby is. I really dont know what to think of this. B was always measuring 3 weeks big till the very end. And Dr. L. said 9 lb plus. And born at 41 weeks he was 7lb 8oz. The u/s even said a bigger baby. The thoughts are if we are showing a huge baby to schedule a c-section and not even attempt labor. Part of me says NO C-SEC! other part tells me to just give in, that it is going to happen anyway. What does my incredibly supportive husband say? here is a sample: "it is what it is", "I hope I can go hunting this weekend", "we'll be fine, it will work out". What would I like him to say? "stay strong, I know it has to be hard, but dont give up on the v-bac yet".


Sarah R said...

Well, ~I~ will tell you to stay strong, I know it has to be hard; PLEASE don't give up on the VBAC yet. :)

Sarah said...

thanks sarah, and it does mean a lot coming from you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I remember how hard that last week was, gotta be worse with an active toddler! Can't wait to hear if Brady has a baby brother or a baby sister!

Anonymous said...

Can't be too much longer now with the TMI. If you have to have a second C-section you will be strong. The second one is way better than the first. You already now what is going to happen and what to expect afterwards. Don't get down.

Just so you know, during my NST, they told me for about 3 weeks that I was having contractions and I was never dialated. Then the next day, I had Kenley.