Thursday, February 18, 2010

sleeping babies

Here's a little dialog of what I think my boys thought as babes.

"ahh, love to be held"
"you know if yoy put me down I will scream!!"
"dont fall asleep, dont fall asleep, I know she will put me down, I cant fall asleep"
"AHHH!!!! she put me down!" ~screaming~ "come get me, come get me now!" ~more crying and louder~
"ahh, I love to be held"
(repeat multiple times thru the night and day)

"hmm. Mom put me in this crib and turned the lights off. hmmm. I cant see anything. At least I got this nuk in my mouth"
"hmm. must have doozed off and l lost my nuk. Oh, but here is my thumb. nice!"
(repeat thru the night an unknown amount of times because mom is sleeping and Parker is just barely grunting occassionally)
"wow, I feel good!" (8-10 hours later)


Sarah R said...

Isn't it weird how different they can be?

Sarah said...

So weird! I didnt know a baby could be quite like this. esp a BF baby! My new opinion is, that if a baby wont sleep- dont blame that he/she is breastfed- it is probably just the nature of the little one.