Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Mirena experience

I have to blog this, I am finding this to be crazy and sort of funny.

Disclaimer: TMI! you've been warned to stop reading in you dont care to read about cervix's uterus's and vajayjays.

So. I thought the IUD mirena was the way to go for birth control. We are not sure if we are done having kids. We think we are, but not sure. So I went last wednesday to get it "installed" as I was affectionatly calling it. I know lots of happy mirena ladies who had no problems with it at all. Well, no go for installation on wednesday. My cervix wasnt letting anything in (after about 15 minutes of prodding it and pissing it off). I was instructed to get a prescrip for a cervix softener and come back the next day. Did so (cramped all night btw.). Thursday better luck, mirena went it. It was painful. so painful. It sucked. Dr. sent me to u/s to make sure it was in right, it wasnt. I have a very tilted uterus. Dr was willing to try again, I was not. It hurt too bad, and my cervix, vajayjay and uterus were all pissed off. Had it removed.

Woke up friday morning with a rash. That went away. Had bleeding and cramping for a few days, and an achey uterus, cervix and vajayjay. Got a bacterial infection and discovered I am allergic to iodine. (use your imagination were the iodine was used and the discomfort that caused).

G*d. I can take a hint. I must be destined to have more children.


Jessica said...

all I can say is OUCH!

Sarah R said...

That really sucks, but I guess you are destined to have more children!