Monday, August 30, 2010

Parker at 9 months old

My little peanut had his 9month checkup today. He is 18 lb and 15oz. 25th percentile for weight. 29" long, 75th percentile. He is right where he should be on everything!

Parker has 1 tooth almost in, and 1 just below the surface.
PArker claps when you say YAY! very cute.
He is a professional at army crawling, and he is fast!
He is content and happy most of the time.
Parker usually wakes 1 time a night, and prefers to keep his naps to a slight schedule.
He loves playing with his big brother and following him around the house.
Parker loves to be spoon fed! likes almost everything. He opens so wide it looks like it hurts!
When he gets picked up he usually pats your shoulder.
Parker likes to hug back!

I couldnt imagine my life without my little Parker. :)

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