Tuesday, May 4, 2010

first fight

my lil men had thier first fight. Brady took away Parkers toy, parker was reaching for it screaming until Brady gave it back. we have MANY years of this. My mom told me my sister started riping clothes off my body when I started standing. If you ask me, I think the older sibling comes out ahead.

Work is demanding lately. It is spring. (please insert swear word of your choice here) I wanted to cut out some of my milk pumping , 3 pumpings a day are needed to keep up with the demands of being away from my babe for 12 hours. So I thought I would ease the pressure by introducing a little formula. All we can do is 1 oz formula to 4 oz bm. Any more and he refuses his bottles entirely. We also tried introducing solids, and that hasnt gone well. He likes his boobie milk, from the source.

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