Thursday, October 2, 2008

pure craziness

We are still laughing about the other night.... I had some sort of dream, something with Brady being wrapped up in blankets and stuck. Woke up the next morning, and all of the pillow cases were on the floor. LOL. we are ~tons of pillows~ sort of people too. LOL.

I like to make up crazy songs. Helps me find humor in things... like waking up at 3:30am because someone doesnt want to sleep anymore (today). so... here is today's song:

You're a little turkey,
we're gonna eat you,
for thanksgiving.
I'll have a thigh,
Dad'll have cheeks,
even Ollie will get a treat.

So I am singing this song over and over, at obscene hours, trying not to cry because all I wanna do is get more sleep.... and Brady is laughing hysterically at me. If only he knew, I am singing a song about eating him on thanksgiving. hehehee. (evil laugh) I told my mom about my song on my way to work, and how I am going absolutly crazy! Turns out, she used to sing to my sister and I about stuffing us in stockings (at christmas time) and shipping us away. Must be where I get the singing crazy songs from....

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Anonymous said...

OH THAT POOR BABY! HAHA (I'll take one of those chunky legs! lmao!)