Tuesday, October 7, 2008

retrain my brain

I'm trying to go from someone who always remembered everything, to someone that cant remember anything. My brain feels so scrambled. I am sure it is the effects of broken (or lack of) sleep for months on end. Getting more sleep is not the answer, I need to be better organized and make myself notes. time to think more long term.

Perfect example. Yesterday I had to make 2 phone calls right away in the morning. One was to call for an appointment for Brady, and the other........ was...... I forgot. It bugged me all day. I knew I had to do something, but I could not remember what. (chris couldnt rememeber either, but I probably never told him). It finally occured to me this morning! I had to make a kennel appt for Oliver for this weekend. duh.

In the past, I have been able to recall and remember lots of stuff with out needing to write them down. things are coming back to kick my in the A$$ lately because I either forgot, or I cant even remember needing to do something.

I'm working on retraining my brain to do things differently then I usually would. eeeekkkk.

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Sarah R said...

It's definitely mommy brain! I've found that when I'm tired, there are certain things I cannot think of--easy things. I'll get some sleep and it'll be so easy to remember after that! It's amazing how the mind works...