Wednesday, October 8, 2008

misc photos

While we were making applesauce this last weekend, Brady loved chewing on an apple slice. Very cute. He really is a healthy little eater.

Photo above really shows just how big this little boy smiles all the time. Below, he 2 little teeth. That's all he has at 9.5 months!
The laundry fiasco. Wear (get it?) do I begin? We got our new washer and dryer. They are fab. Chris LOVES to wash and dry the laundry all the time. I get to fold it, he never folds. It usually does pile up before I get around to folding it. (as he is at home for much more time then I am at home, and really, how hard is it to toss them in and take them out?) Luckily we both work blue collar sort of jobs, so we dont have to be crisp and absolutely wrinkle free. Out of this whole mess, I put about 5 peices back in the dryer to fluff and remove the wrinkles.

Just this morning, he put the load from the washer to the dryer. Called me in a panic on the way to work- he couldnt find his pack of gum. I opened the dryer- and there was gum all over the inside of the dryer, and on the clothes. Lucky for us, we are quite skilled at removing gum, permante marker, paint markers, crayons, tissues, and all sorts of other stuff from clothes and the machines.

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