Thursday, December 6, 2007

not mentally prepared for this weather

I thought with a mid december due date, that I would be snug and warm in my house on maternity leave before the snow or the cold came. The last few years in WI, we havent had much snow or bitter cold to speak of before christmas. There is probably a foot of snow out there, and this morning it was about 10 below zero! I am in denial that I have to deal with this sort of weather, and winter driving. YUCK!

Seems that baby will be born with some snow though. This is how WI is supposed to be! Snow on the ground before Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

you must have been busy at work today - i thought i better get on here and see if you posted since i haven't heard from you all day! :) are having that baby! come on already! haha
Thinking of you.......