Wednesday, December 5, 2007

need to have baby now because.....

My only bra that fits is on its last leg and I refuse to buy one until my milk comes in! Baby, dont make me go bra-less! LOL. I do have 2 nursing bras that are packed, and I just dont want to take them out of my hosipital bag. I will go into labor when they are dirty, I just know it! For over a week now I have been suffering wearing and washing just 1 bra.

Can someone tell this baby which way is the way out? He/she thinks it is thru my ribs. He/she is hurting me.

I had my 39 week dr. appointment today. My dr. said the worst words ever "see you next week". He also said that I grow big patient babies. Still not what I wanted to hear! He said the baby is no longer 7lbs. Ugh. He did check my cervix, and it is thinning and a little dialated, baby is low too. So technical huh?

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Anonymous said...

I could hear and feel your disappointment when I talked with you this morning after your appointment. Just remember, the same thing happened to me...all not good news and the see you next week to schedule an induction bullshit and not even 6 hrs later I was staring labor and 13 hours after that Jason was here! Good luck...don't feel down. Enjoy what you can of these last days, hours, minutes...your life is about to change more than you know and it is soooo much fun! :) Good Night!