Monday, December 31, 2007

Being efficient is the key!

We have been home with Brady 6 days now. We're slowing adjusting. Things are being moved around the nursery and the house to save time.
  • We discovered the best way to dress the baby for night to make diaper changes go even faster. He wears no onsie, a gown instead of jamies with legs, and a sleep sack- he always kicked off his swadle and we were constantly redoing it and wondering if our baby was freezing.
  • He was sleeping in the basinet in our bedroom at first- but he grunts, and squeeks in his sleep- I wake easily, so he is in his crib happy. I am happy to.
  • I try to sleep as often as he sleeps. Which is the advice everyone gives me- but almost impossible in the early days with visitors stopping by. Now that the newness has worn off, it is working!
  • The best time for me to make my phone calls is when nursing- sorry for the slurpy noises!
  • Since nights are pretty much 100% on me unless I am too exhausted, then I wake Chris- he gets to handle pretty much everything but the feedings of Brady during the day.

I have been having a few weepy days- dont ask me what I am crying about, because I dont know! And I cant stop the tears! It really helps not be so sleep deprived! I still have some pain from the c-section too, and wish I was able to be more mobile.

The breastfeeding has been easy yet hard. Easy because Brady and I are good at it, he latches well and gets plenty to eat. Hard because it is a lot on a mom! All feedings are 100% on me. Brady is a a cluster feeder right now- he nurses (which takes an hour), then sleeps for about an hour, and that cycle continues for 4-6 feedings. Then suddenly he will sleep a long stretch of 3-5 hours. And the next cluster cycle starts. The lactation counselor says this shouldnt last much more then 2 weeks- I hope!


Anonymous said...

sounds like you are getting things down. to this day even with the kids the ages they are i still try to sleep when the do - if they are home and take a nap, i do too! it's something i can't let go of because you never know when you'll get woken up in the middle of the night with "Mom, I don't feel good!" haha

can't wait to see you guys again in a couple weeks. the kids talked about him a lot last night at the party we had here. and i of couse showed off the pictures i took! :)


April said...

The hormones will wear off and everything will get easier. I promise!! You are doing great.