Sunday, December 16, 2007

All sorts of Ramblings

I can't believe my sister's kids havent lost interest yet. They ask thier mom multiple times a day"is the baby here yet?!" They are young and dont quite understand what's happening... the middle one asked me once while shopping if I "ever look up to see the baby". I knew better then to ask her what she meant by that! Anyway.... I have just about lost interest in wondering when this baby will get here!

I am still hoping soon (obviously!). Chris goes on vacation starting wednesday. I hope we dont end up with a week of just the two of us finding things to do waiting for baby! I'm officially on maternity leave as of yesterday. I can say that, most of the year I work weekends. Yesterday Chris finally put the shelves up in the closet of our office/craft room. And he is building a pantry in the basement today. I love having all this great storage! We do hope to have some time to go thru all our ~stuff~ in storage and orgnaize it all. I'm missing some things from when we moved 3 years ago!

Christmas is right around the corner. We really can't make plans except: if baby shows now or ASAP we might go spend x-mas with my family (2.75 hours north) and stay a few days(if we have gotten settled in and feel up to the trip). If baby shows later this week and we get home from hospital just a few days before x-mas we might go for x-mas dinner at Chris's parents. If baby shows just before x-mas and we dont feel up to traveling on x-mas or even like celebrating x-mas because we just got home or are in the hospital..... we are going to post-pone our christmas!

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HappyPrego said...

That poor baby on your blog has been spinning for too