Friday, December 14, 2007

It's our due date!!!

I'm surprised I am at our EDD, I have always thought baby would be here by now! Hopefully this means a healthier, happier baby when he/she does arrive.

We'll just keep on waiting! In the meantime, I can't wait to meetour lil' girl or boy and introduce him or her to everyone.

Chris and I have been calling baby by name. No, I cant share it yet... but lets say the baby is Hilda or Henry. We call the baby Hilda or Henry when we refer to the baby. I have 2 images in my head- a girl that we call Hilda, and a boy we call Henry. I sort of feel like if the baby is Hilda, I am going to feel like I lost Henry. Almost like he's gone. (and the other way around) Dont know if that makes any sence to you, but it is a strange feeling. Wonder how I will actually feel when Henry or Hilda actually arrives.

Today is my last day at work, I am gonna get my work done and go home! So I best quit wasting time and get too it. For some reason, my mind isnt really into my work..... hmm, wonder why?

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Anonymous said...

due date over 1 day --- ahhhh. how you feeling? hang in there. hilda/henry will be here soon enough! hand that baby its eviction notice asap! :) the kids are really getting antsy about this new cousin - is HE here yet? is SHE here YEEETT? haha