Saturday, December 8, 2007

a new day

After my hormonal day yesterday, I am happy today is a new day. I am not a hormonal basketcase like I was yesterday!

Today Chris and I quickly cleaned up the house. When we woke up today, I told Chris my goals are the following: clean the bathrooms, the kitchen and the floors; and get the christmas tree in the house. And his goal today was to help me achieve my goals! If he was a good boy, we could go to the casino tonight. Goals are met! I worked so hard I can barely walk! OK- working hard for a girl that is 39.5 weeks prego is the following: washing hard floors with a machine (while Chris crawls around and scrubs the spots... maybe Oliver drool?), washing toilets and counters (while he..... hmmm.... dont know what he was doing at this moment- probably taking a break! oh yeah, he was vacuming all the other floors- thats too hard for me to do!) they got super scrubbed last week, so I got to cheat and just use lysol wipes. And flipping loads of laundry. All that work- I am beat.

We got the christmas tree in! Thank god I was here to supervise. It is bitter cold out, so chris brought the tree into the house, and the chainsaw to cut the bottom. He was gonna cut the bottom of the tree off in the entry way of the house with a chainsaw. I said no way! it is gonna stink up the house. So, brilliant Christopher, opened the front door and put the base of the tree outside and left the top inside with the door open and cut the bottom off. Not only did he let the heat out.... all the chainsaw exhaust blew nicely into the house. Glad I made him do it outside.....

Since I promised Chris if he is a good boy we could go to the casino tonight I best go rest a little and get ready to go. He was such a good boy! ;-) Luckily the exhaust smell has gone away.


Anonymous said...

and now see...i wish they made candles scented like chainsaw and snowmobile exhaust! haha love those smells. i don't know, maybe i'm the only one.

glad to hear your dad went better and you got everything done you wanted to. hopefully you get lucky at the casino - not lucky like win $ but lucky and you go into labor! haha - had to think that way didn't i?

have a good weekend....still waiting for that call!

Anonymous said...

wow! the dizzy baby says 4 days!!!! holy smokes!
this should be the week! hope you enjoyed your last weekend! :)

HappyPrego said...

I am glad you had a nice weekend. You deserved it even though it meant cleaning and getting exhausted first. Hope you got lucky at the casino!!