Sunday, December 2, 2007

no baby yet

I think we are down to 12 days till our EDD. No baby yet, but so ready for this part of my life to end and the next part to begin. Call me strange, but I must have wished for my water to break at least 10 times so far this weekend. It all does seem a bit strange, thinking of how our lifes will never be the same again. Everything we do we will have to consider how it effects this new life.

But it looks like this baby will be born with some snow on the ground! Chris is happy because he got some over time this weekend. We got a ton of snow, and he got called in to plow at 3am. He thinks he will get 12 hours.... so far he has 8 hours in.


Anonymous said...

well you made it to December. I seriously thought you would have this baby this weekend knowing what I know but it is Monday AM and no baby yet....would have been cool though if we both had our "babies" on the same day...haha. Jason was really hoping you'd have him/her on his bday but understood it just wasn't time yet. The kids are still asking every morning and then when I pick them up from school..."Did Aunt Sarah have her baby yet?!?" Can't wait to tell them YES! Thinking about you....hang in there. LOVE YA!

HappyPrego said...

I thought you would have had the baby earlier too. At least Chris got his ot, always a help. Good luck and try to stay comfortable. :)