Saturday, December 6, 2008

My diapers!!!!

Getting this images were nearly impossible with an active 11.5 month old! As you can see in the top picture someone is rolling to get up, and in the bottom he is kicking towards me. I gave him this bottle of milk thinking "this will keep him still", it didnt work. (with that said, he has gotten the OK to drink whole cows milk)
I am so proud of this diaper I made yesterday. Look at that fit around the theighs. There is room to grow too, he is wearing it on the medium setting. I love the trim fit. And it has been tested too! First time wearing it (just after this photo shoot), he had the runs and it was contained! (an antibiotic is giving him the runs) I like the metal snaps, we found with our active boy the plastic snaps were not holding.
This diaper is a ONE SIZE POCKET DIAPER. No cover is needed, the outer is waterproof. The inside is a microsuade material that keeps Brady feeling dry.
(in non-technical terms, this one size diaper should fit a baby from birth to about 35/40 pounds I would guess, see the snaps, that is how they get adjusted, it is so simple. You need to insert the absorbant material. I like to use a hemp douler with a terryclothe insert. The insert allows you to customize were absorption is needed, for Brady- he likes to hold his pee then let it all go at once, so we need something to catch it fast and absorb it all and lots of it.)
I am learning that with prints in the waterproof fabric you do not get such a trim fit (I have noticed the big diaper makers usually use solid colors and few prints). I am trying a few different materials to see what we like best and what sews the best. still a couple flaws to work out, but I have a whole diaper stash to make so we should get this perfected. Brady's friend Erin who is 3 months old will be testing some of my diapers for me.
More photo's to come later! as I keep making more! this is so much fun. :-)


Sarah R said...

You made that??? I am in awe! Great work!!! I am jealous of your mad skillz.

Cate said...

Looks Awesome! I may have to commission you to make Mr Lex some dipes lol