Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He and I are so intertwined

I think I mentioned recently that this is the BEST I have felt in a long time in reference to my post partum depression (PPD). Lately I have been thinking about my journey in the last year, and have realized it is so intertwined with Brady's sleep patterns.

In the first 8 weeks or so, things were the worst for me, he didnt sleep worth a hoot and woke every couple hours and was clingy. Then I hit a milestone w/ PPD, started liking and bonding with Brady and he then started to sleep better.

Then thru the next 8 months or so my PPD weaved up and down giving me hard times and good times and Brady's sleep seemed to weave with it. There were times when my attitude and love towards him was high (that has been constant since about 8 weeks), but my self worth was in the dumps and he would become clingy and not wanting to sleep.

In the last month I have made huge progress, and in return Brady has started sleeping nicely in the last couple weeks.

It is just crazy how the 2 of us are so connected in ways that I will never understand.

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The Ratcliff's said...

sleep is everything. can you believe we made it to a year? my grandma told me at connor's party that i made it through the easiest year of his life. i looked at her like wtf?