Monday, December 1, 2008

I made a diaper!

It was so much fun yesterday, having some Sarah time and sewing. I made a diaper for Brady! It is so cute, cant wait to post a picture. It took a long time to make the pattern, and figure out what steps go in which order. Good thing I bought a new steam ripper. ;-) Brady tried it out, so it is dirty- but I promise a picture this week!

My Sarah time wasnt uninterupted of course. Daddy isnt so good at getting someone to take a nap, probably because he is all tense, rocking brady like a maniac saying "fall to sleep dammit". With momma to the rescue, he was sleeping soundly in his crib within 10 minutes. There are some things mom's are just better at.

We are teaching our son to sleep. Seriously, who would have thought getting a baby to sleep was something you had to teach, for this kid it is. Daddy is on board, and helping me, which is fabulous, because Brady is content not getting out of his crib at night for dad. So far it seems to be working and he is starting to sleep longer stretches.

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