Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brady's first Christmas program

Last night was Brady's first christmas program/party. It was so cute, the kids were all so good. Santa even came! They were all excited to see him!

Our daycare is a family, in home daycare- so these are all the kids! Yeah, there is lots of boy stuff going on there! Brady is still the baby. Tracy (the daycare Mom) did a great job putting it together. We feel lucky to really like Brady's daycare. The whole family is so involved with the kids and pitches in. I have never experienced a daycare center, but so far I am very pleased with the in-home daycare setting.
Brady's job was ringing the bells, he did great.

Brady's first gift from Santa! And his first present he ever got to open! Lucky for him, santa was willing to help him open it.

Brady was in aww of Santa, he LOVED Mrs. Clause!

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